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AI Copilot for your Mac

Fast and Native ChatGPT macOS app


1. Instant ChatGPT Access

Access ChatGPT on top of any app or website, without leaving your current context.

2. Quick AI Actions

Fix grammar immediately, or change the tone of the message with a single click.

3. Speech to Text

Write with your voice. No more typing!

What do users say?

"That's crazy. I just bought it. I rambled at 70 wpm. Now I believe I can go higher and this gon take care of the rest. Crazy stuff." - u/reddit_premium_

“I had a go at typing as fast as possible - it felt weird not hitting the backspace. I had to actually not look at the screen to see how fast I could. I'm actually doing that to type this message out. And it seems... perfect!” - u/scribblenik

*you have to bring your own OpenAI API key

Purchase the app and instantly receive a license key for lifetime access!

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macOS 13.4+
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